This is how it all starts, ’04 Suzuki GSXR600 throttle bodies bought off of eBay for 50$ in Nov ’05. I became infatuated with individual throttle bodies many months earlier after reading about them at the TWM and Jenvey websites. I came across the HomeMadeTurbo article where they took GSXR throttle bodies and put them on a Honda, then I thought to myself this would be a lot of fun putting together a kit of my own, then slapping it on my Miata. I’d get a lot of hands-on work, plus I’d learn a lot about engine management and tuning. And what better way to learn about engine management and tuning then to get a MegaSquirt :). I ended up going with the MS1 V2.2 board with Megasquirt N Spark Extra because it was the cheapest alternative while providing everything I needed from an EMS, and for 120$, you can’t go wrong! More details on the Megasquirt can be found on its own page. Let’s get on with the build!

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