Honda Radiator / Probe Intercooler Testing

The idea behind using a Honda Civic radiator and a Ford Probe intercooler is to mount them side-by-side in place of the original Miata radiator so that the intercooler doesn’t block any airflow to the radiator. It will not only maximize airflow, but also only require a few feet of intercooler piping with only a few bends, resulting in an intercooled setup without the lag of conventional around-the-radiator piping. There are some drawbacks though. First is the physical size of the radiators. The Honda radiator is about half the size of the stock Miata radiator. You will also need to consider the coolant volume lost by swapping the radiators. Sure it may sound easy, but I can assure you it’s not. A mounting bracket needed to be made for both the radiator and intercooler, then after that you need to pipe the radiator inlet and outlet as well as the intercooler inlet and outlet. It took a lot of work experimenting with different setups, and I ultimately decided against it do to the possible overheating. I didn’t want to risk it with Hawaii weather. For other folks who don’t see 90+ temps, this may be a possibility.

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