Part Sourcing

Alright, so here’s some of the basics. To add a turbo to a naturally aspirated car you need to complement it with a variety of other goodies to make sure your car’s engine doesn’t explode. A basic turbo system should include the turbocharger, oil feed and drain lines for the turbo, coolant feed and drain lines for the turbo (if your turbo happens to be watercooled as well), a turbo manifold, some kinda of exhaust piping to get all those lovely chemicals out from your car, intake piping for the turbo, piping for the compressed air between the turbo and intake manifold, a rising rate (auxilliary) fuel pressure regulator to increase the fuel pressure when you’re in boost so you don’t run lean, and some sort of timing control. Other cool little doodads are a boost gauge so you can see how much PSI you’re running then go brag to your friends, and a blowoff or recirculation valve. Since the idea here is to retain the stock ECU, we will be using a AFPR to mechanically raise the fuel pressure across the fuel rail (shhh, the ECU won’t know a thing). Then the Bipes timing controller will intercept and alter the CAS signal to the ECU to control your engine timing based on RPMs, intake air temp, and airflow. A Bosch recirculating bypass valve was also purchased because the engine likes to stall when meter air is just vented to the atmosphere. However, the Bosch recirc. valve will not be needed because the turbocharge has an integrated recirculation valve. Nearly all of my parts were purchased second hand off of eBay because it’s ultra cheap.

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