The Rise of Automotive Technology Schools

Automobiles will always be an important part of our lives.  Transportation, recreation, and road trips will be around forever.  It is extremely important to stay on top of the latest innovations in automotive technology including hybrids, electric vehicles, plug in vehicles, natural gas, and other alternative fuels.  Now is the best time to start looking into automotive technology schools.  Within just a few months of hands-on classes, you’ll be ready to tackle the industry and potentially work for some of the biggest car manufacturers in the world!


Automotive tech schools will teach students all of the important fundamentals of today’s vehicles.  This includes the mechanical, electronic, interior, and exterior components of a vehicle.  The mechanical side will cover the power train engine and transmission, suspension, steering, and vehicle dynamics.  Automotive technology schools feature the latest hand , pneumatic, and diagnostic tools from big names including Snap On, Craftsman, and many more.  Using this tools, students will have the opportunity to build and troubleshoot engines.


automotive tech schools


The electronics aspect will cover everything from the engine computer, controls in the cabin, the wiring harness, and even the entertainment system.  Using automotive electrical supplies, students will be tasked with installing, testing, and troubleshooting complete electronics systems for various different vehicles.  Automotive electrical supplies including everything from basic wires and insulation, connectors, sensors, and mechanical motors used to control everything in the vehicle


Interior and exterior focuses on the comforts and appeal of the vehicle.  High end manufacturers including Audi, BMW, and Mercedes focus on this area just as much as the performance.  A comfortable luxury vehicle will always be more attractive than a lower quality vehicle.  This will include interior panels, seats, and controls.  The exterior body lines are very important to a vehicle’s appeal to a buyer.  Students will be given the opportunity to design the body utilizing various aerodynamic and styling components.  Most automotive technology schools will also feature full paint booths.  Using the latest PPG automotive paints, students will be tasked with painting body panels and entire vehicles!  Most schools utilize PPG automotive paint due to the high quality finish, color luster, and affordability.


ppg automotive paint


Students will have the ability to go from conceptual design all the way to putting cars on automotive lifts and getting their hands dirty while wrenching.  Most schools feature numerous automotive lifts as they are an integral part to a safe working environment.  While automotive lifts may be convenient, most garage mechanics will find that a simple jack and four jack stands will do the trick despite the smaller space availability.  Automotive lifts can be purchased at very reasonable prices for the home mechanic, and may require some foundation changes depending on the type of floor available.


automotive lift


Automotive technology schools will prepare students for the fast paced automotive industry.  Skills range from conceptual design to hands on work with automotive lifts and PPG automotive paints.  If you have an interest in the automotive trade and want to work for luxury companies include McLaren, Ferrari, and Lamborghini, then it is extremely important to consider automotive tech schools.  The skill set will open doors to your future as an automotive tech.